North Carolina Virtual Run For Dennis 5k

"I have known the Pacheco Family for an extremely long time now and they are one of the most caring and supportive families that I have ever met!  The fact that they have chosen to honor their Husband and Father and at the same time raise awareness, educate and raise funds for Bladder Cancer has made me want to take part in any way we can. That is why we have organized a group in North Carolina to participate via the virtual run option.
The North Carolina group is lucky and grateful to support the Run for Dennis via the Virtual run option!! Since we no longer live in Oswego and are not able to be at the actual race to support our friends and their family we choose to do that by organizing our own event with a group of folks in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.  We gather at a local park and run/walk the 5K in support of the Run for Dennis and each year we look forward to growing our NC group to help raise awareness for this event but also raise awareness for Bladder Cancer." -Jason Davis